what we do?

“Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” ― Henry Ford

our projects

We Educate

Under Project 'AKSHAR',we survey,identify talent and provide them daily classes.

We Enroll

Under Project 'PATHSHALA' we join deserved kids into prestigious institutions.

We Nurture

Under Project 'AAKAR',we conduct events and workshops in focus of their overall growth.

We Care

Under Project 'PRADHAN',we provide them essential, educational and other kits.

We Safeguard

Under Project 'AANAND',we take them on field trips,ignite and guide them to achieve dreams

We Provide

Under Project 'AAHAR'',we provide the needy with food.

Our events

अ से अः

The event is aimed at making our children feel special .The entire day is filled with workshops ,games, guest lectures and many more .

'Aasha- a ray of hope'

the children were taken on an educational tour about the history of our nation at shouryasamrak.

Science Exhibition

At annual technical fest of Manit Bhopal, our kids put out a science exihibition.


Dazzling performance was delivered by our kids at Maffick, annual cultural fest of Manit Bhopal. The theme for the ramp walk was Panchatantra.


-Photo walk at tribal museum
-fun trip to My Fm radio station
-independence day treat at mcdonalds.


fundraising events conducted at every independence day and republic day act as finances to our childrens education.