“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”  – Oscar Wilde

Recruitment drives

The vision of educating ever single child in this country is not a small one, and just a handful of
people might not be able to accomplish this task. More the number of people coming together, the
easier it would be to transform this vision into a full-fledged reality. It is an urge from the people
involved in bringing about a change in the society to the ones who wish to do something for others,
to come forward and help us in our endeavor.

AAROHA recruits volunteers twice a year through Recruitment Drives (RDs).

Our Verticles

For better management we have different verticles  to handle different works.Fill in the form below to apply for any of these posts.


Academics and overall development

➢Visiting the centre once a week to teach the children. ➢Academic ➢Etiquettes. ➢Personality development ➢Monitoring progress of the children. ➢Maintaining a healthy environment at the centre.

Event management

➢Preparing for events. ➢Fundraising ➢Extra curricular activities. ➢Promotional events ➢Festivals at the centre.

Public Relations

➢Planning publicity strategies and campaign. ➢Dealing with enquiries from the public, the press and related organization. ➢Finding sponsorships for the children’s education.

Technical team

➢Web Development ➢App Development ➢Google Doc forms

Design team

➢Designing posters for events, programs, certificates etc

Social media and content team

➢handling social media posts ➢writing content for all posts, events etc.

Registration form

Our old & gold volunteers!

Aaroha was a fulfilling experience. Initially, I was pleasantly surprised by how bright most kids were. I had fun teaching the mischievous ones too. Seeing the happiness in their eyes during special events made me happy. Great initiative all round.
kanishk Bhavsar, IIM Ahmedabad

AAOD Volunteer Aaroha

Aaroha has influenced my life in many ways. You know , whatever you do professionally, helping others will always give you satisfaction at the end of the day. Aaroha gave that to me. Working for the kids has been one of the best experience of my life. Moreover, I have met few of my closest friends while working for Aaroha. Aaroha will always be another family to me.

Dhanesh, Sri Lanka

Ex Event Management Head Aaroha

Aaroha is not just an NGO, its a complete family of like-minded people. As my seniors and coworkers helped me identify my strengths, With each day I volunteered here, my strengths got stronger and my weaknesses are not weaknesses anymore. With each crowdfunding event, I gained more and more confidence and each day that I spent with children, My life got filled with uniquely vivid and brilliant colours. After I got the responsibility of Public Relation Head, things changed a little. Now, I am trying to help my juniors enrich their strengths. People like me will continue to come and go. But, Aaroha will always be there helping children, helping volunteers and realizing its motto "journey from ignorance toward excellence"

Divyansh Gupta


अंधकार से उजाले का सफर है आरोह अमीर गरीब में समानता है आरोह।

राइट तो एजुकेशन का उदाहरण है आरोह।

कई नन्हे बच्चो की उम्मीद है आरोह।

बच्चो के माता पिता का विश्वास है आरोह।

कइयो के चेहरे की मुस्कान है आरोह।

आरोहिअन्स का परिवार है आरोह।

Naman Jain


Aaroha feels like home to me. Working with Aaroha gives me pleasure and self satisfaction.It taught me what empathy is . Aaroha nurtured leadership qualities in me . Working in aaroha is never a tiring job for me. Joining Aaroha made me think different and be a step forward to help others .All that we work for is to see a smile on those innocent kid’s face at the end of the day. We Aarohians are a group of like minded people whose heart beats for others whose brains thinks of helping others all the time . I’m very happy to be part of this Organization.


Event Management Head