Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone.

Sujeet is a 12-year old boy from the Anna Nagar slums, who began working from a very young age as a newspaper delivery boy. Oftentimes he has gone to bed on an empty stomach. Doing mundane things such as going to school and playing with friends had been eradicated from his life, since he had to sell newspapers for a living. At Aaroha, we wanted to bring about a change in his life since we believed in his potential. Today, Sujeet is a student at Silver Bells Convent School and is receiving education like any other child. Our volunteers tutor him regularly at the center in Anna Nagar. He is now the top ranker of his school and is on the path to fulfill his dream of becoming a scientist. He now believes that no dream is too difficult to achieve.

Due to tremendous efforts by our volunteers, and the willingness to learn among young children like Lavanya and their dedication to come out at the top, there have been new milestones that have been overturned in the past years. Lavanya, from Class V, who scored 99.75% in her Class IV results, thus coming out at the top of her class, was given the opportunity to join Carmel Convent School. From studying at a local government school to attending an English medium school where her needs will be tended to, Lavanya and Aaroha, have both come a long way. And she acts as an inspiration for the other children at the center.