project pradaan

“Their necessities never equal our want.”

Books and Pens

providing children with necessities.

About project pradaan

Project Pradan was initiated in 2016 to provide essential resources to the underprivileged children as per the requirements.

Under this project:

what the project is about?

Providing them with necessities

Under project PRADAAN we provide stationary items including books, notebooks, pens etc. 

• Also we provide school uniforms to the students in private schools through the project Paathshala.

look out for their needs

We look for the necessities that are required for the
students and provide them asap.

our progress

For the progress these children atleast their basic needs are to be met and we try our best to hand those to our children.

Books and Stationary

they are basic requirement

Nutritional Supplement

School Uniforms

are a must for their dchools

Art and Craft Supplies