“Education is the most powerful weapon which  you can use to change the world”


Rajinish, a fruitseller's child has performed meritoriously and is reaching new heights every day.


Children enrolled under Project Akshar, when reach the stage of optimum understanding of elementary knowledge comparable to any other child undergoing regular schooling, are upgraded to Project Pathshala where they are admitted to well reputed schools covering all their expenses.

“We may not be able to fulfill our responsibility very well but we do make sure to fulfill theirs without fail.”

“We may not be able to take charge of ourselves but we make sure that we handle their responsibilities without fail.”

“We may not be able to steer our wheels very well but we make sure to sail their ships consistently without fail.”

From carrying them to school to making all their requisites available, we perform the role of being the guardians of our children under Project Pathshala. Even if it is the mere chore of washing their uniforms or preparing their lunch, it is always made sure that all their necessities are well met.  We participate in all the applicable school activities ranging from attending the Parent-Teacher meetings and annual functions to attending the reprimand and complaint call that we may receive for the mischievousness our kids may display in school.                                                                                                                                                                                        Amidst this, we are proud to cover the journey of fetching the children from selling newspapers roadside and working paid chores to having them receive a quality education in well-reputed institutions. 

Twenty two students have been benifitted from Project Pathshala till date.

what the project is about?

Transfering to better schools

Project Pathshala enables the meritorious students of Project ‘Akshar’ by admitting them to decent private institutions and funding the rest of their education.

Taking responsibility

Valuation of the Overall academic performance of a child is monitored. Basic necessities such as books, uniforms, bags, stationeries, and much more are taken care of individually. Volunteers also attend parent-teacher meetings to bring them together.

How is this possible?

-by sponsoring of child’s education.

-funds and donations collected during events

-and yes! through dedicated volunteers that make it come true.


Every year we grow with children and wish to have many more children achieve this.

25 children

are already admitted

9 schools

private schools

90% result or more

annual report card

Pontential Children

admitted every year