Project akshar

“When you educate a person you can change a life, but  by educating many you change  the world.”

Study at the Center

Daily classes at the center

how it started?

“Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.”

• Initiation: Project Akshar was started in 2015, as the first and foremost segment of the initiative for imparting education to the children of weaker section of society.

Initiation of the Project

Project Akshar, the first and the foremost segment of the initiative, was started in 2015.

Selection of children for the project

We survey children living in slum areas, traffic signals and various parts of the town and its outskirts under this project. It enables us to meet the children and their guardian, make them aware of the importance of education, understand their perspectives and problems and select some of those on the basis of predetermined criteria for the same. Most of the children selected are either those attending school negligently due to prevailing circumstances or ones not attending it at all. In surveys, children have generally been found to be investing their time in labour work, selling newspapers roadside, working on stalls, doing paid household chores and thus child labour.

Commencing with the education of selected children

Most of the chosen children lack the fundamental comprehension of elementary education and therefore are catered with regular learning sessions being conducted from Monday to Friday, two hours long by our volunteers at various demarcated centers. A pre-planned multidisciplinary approach is followed to cover the following subjects-Science, Mathematics, Sanskrit, Social science, English, Hindi and such others. Project Akshar has been able to aid about two hundred and forty children so far.

what the project is about?

Educating children with basic knowledge

Project Akshar aims to educate and impart the children with elementary knowledge and dexterity before they acquire enough competence to be endorsed for the next project, project paatshala.

Daily classes

Daily classes are held and continuous effort is being put through out year to make them shine.

Children benifitting every year

Around 400 children  have benifitted from this project and we hope this number would only increse in the coming years. 

our progress

This is most important and basic step where the children are instilled with basic knowledge and disipline which will form the pillars of their dreams.

Children benefittted-400

we expect many more to benefit in the future.

New chapters

have opened during the course of last year at Rahul Nagar and IIHM Bhopal.

Volunteer to Child ratio-1:6

a heathy ratio is maintained for better care and progress.


are conducted to better understand the children and their circumstances and also select new potential children for the project.