project aakar

“By education, I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man-body, mind, and spirit.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Weekly Classes

Children learning how to use a Laptop.

How it started?

Launched in 2014, the project aims to bestow children with comprehensive development besides imparting academic education. Under this project, various activities and workshop sessions are organized every Saturday at the respective centers to build confidence and endow children with multidisciplinary skills. Follow-up competitions are held regularly to boost learning, fabricate competitiveness and encourage modal of team spirit simultaneously.

Shaping the lives:

Project Aakar has truly shaped the lives of the children in various aspects. Our children can now fearlessly address crowds on large platforms. A number of them have evolved into good dancers while many others have managed to attain fluency in chanting Sanskrit verses and practicing English language. A lot have made working models of science and given PowerPoint presentations. Few of them have won painting competitions while many have even started penning down beautiful compositions all by themselves. If you do not belong to Aaroha family, come visit our children sometime; we are sure they’ll leave you awestruck.

So far, more than 300 children have been benefitted through Project Aakar.

Following are the few of the subjects that have been brought up in workshops

what is the project about?

Overall Development

Project Aakar is consigned for overall development of our children. 

Procure them with finesse in specific interests other than from academic outlook.

Activities held:

Various activities and workshops are conducted on weekly basis for the same.

• Art, dance, music, spoken English competitions, speeches, electronic devices usage, and many more are held.

our progress

We teach the children not just the syllabus but with skills that will shape them for tommorow.

Weekly classes

with different skills are held.


on various topics held.